The Salvation Army Miami Area Command

LAST UPDATED: October 17, 2018
Housing & Affordability
The Salvation Army, a faith-based nonprofit serving Miami since 1913, extends a resourceful hand of assistance to families in greatest need so that they may lift themselves from crisis to stability and independence. The Salvations Army Red Shield Lodge offers 280 beds distributed among three lodges: Men’s, Women and Family, and Here’s Hope (for the sick) that provide temporary housing to women and families, single men, veterans, and persons dealing with HIV/AIDS and/or other infirmities. These temporary programs are designed to empower residents to regain their independence and return to being self-sufficient members of our community. The Social Services Department is shaped as a support network that assists shelter residents with day-to-day care and services. This support system consists of Case Management, 24-hour and 7-days a week staff supervision, janitorial and kitchen staff. Additionally, the department offers life skills, short-term crisis counseling, employment resources, substance abuse classes, and group therapy.
1907 NW 38th Street
Miami, FL 33142

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Mr. Matthew Rigg
Board Chair
Mr. Ray Barreto
Vice - Chair
Mr. Lawrence P. Gautier
Vice- Chair
Karen Godfrey
Jack Lowell
Alalberto Pantoja
Dana L. Clay Gong
Roger E. Langer
Edward W. Easton
Carol Lumpkin


Captain Enrique Azuaje
Executive Director/Miami Area Commander
Captain Nancy Azuaje
Associate Miami Area Commander
Jose Fontanez
Social Services Director
Martha Juste
Administrative Assistant
Macey Markowitz
Development Director


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