St. Peters CDC

LAST UPDATED: September 24, 2018
Health & Human Services
Mission Statement: Building Community by Building Lives. Who we are: St. Peters Community Development Corporation is a faith based organization designed to address the needs of the elderly, youth and unemployed. We have consistently provided for communities of South Miami Dade. The St. Peters CDC wasn’t incorporated until 2015. Through this incorporation, the St. Peters CDC will continue to grow and engage community partners to create a better community for the residents of South Miami-Dade. We provide weekly services to the elderly through our "Silver Lining for Seniors" and "Friday in the Heart of the Son" program which includes free medical screening, free breakfast, health and safety initiatives, community information sharing, field trips and esteem building activities for senior citizens. St. Peter's CDC has been incorporated since 2015 and our objective is to 1) Expand our elderly services to include free transportation and daily elderly care services 2) Reestablish our afterschool care program for youth to include the "Equip" program designed to teach at-risk youth to think and act responsibly. 3) Continue to provide education and training opportunities to the community relating to social and employability skills.
17901 SW 107th Ave
Miami, FL 33157

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Robert Brooks JR.
Principal Officer
Brandon Bartley
Althea McMillan
Tracy Scott
Alma Bartley


Robert Brooks Jr.
Executive director


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