Repair the World Miami

LAST UPDATED: October 12, 2018
Civic Engagement
Repair the World Miami was founded in 2017 to mobilize the growing wave of millennials coming to our city in active and ongoing volunteer work. Repair’s unique combination of peer-to-peer engagement, educational programs, and community-based service opportunities support local nonprofits to create authentic and impactful volunteering and education opportunities for those participants. Repair the World is designed to contribute to and enhance the work of local organizations to expand their impact. With a dedicated Director for each city, a team of full time fellows, and space to collaborate (Workshop), Repair partners with local organizations to recruit the volunteers needed to address each city’s most pressing issues. Whether it’s tackling education inequality in Liberty City or food justice in Overtown, each Repair program works to build a permanent network of volunteers that can give the sustained effort needed to see change through. Repair the World Miami has partnered with the Jewish Volunteer Center of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation to launch a Repair site in Miami.
1951 NW 7th Avw #600
Miami, FL 33137

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Board Chair
Chair Emeritus
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Vice Chair
Third Plateau
Vice Chair
Rabbi at community synagogue of Rye
Chair, Audit and Risk Management Committee
Chair, Talent Planning Taskforce
Digital Communications Circle


David Eisner
CEO and President
Liz Fisher
Jennie Goldstein
Senior Director of Operations
Adina Konikoff
Senior Program Director
Briana Marbury
Finance Director
Janu Mendel
Executive Director, Repair the World Miami
Jonathan Cohen
Program Associate, Repair the World Miami
Danielle Gach
Development Manager


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