LAST UPDATED: October 18, 2018
Arts, Culture & Humanities
PAXy is inspiring creativity and helping the Miami community to become Art Lovers and Art Makers. The group is promoting and giving new performance opportunities for emerging local artists and diversifying local cultural vision through exposure to worldwide artistic elements. PAXy is spreading the positive meaning of different forms of Art! Our program is completely free and open to the public. It includes: Wake up Miami!: brings live music, dance and performances to Metrorail/Metromover stations (so far Government Center) in the city, Mondays 8:30 am. PAXy aims to have a world-class musician masterclass as a collateral event every other year. to Art is to Live: pop-up art shows for a day, whith live music, visual art, performances, cinema, architecture, etc. Are you cinematic? film and film series held at different venues around the city. Preferred space for cinema lovers, and an alternative to the mainstream film experience.
20 Alhambra Cir. #5
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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Yaima Arbona Bello
Maudie Valero
Maria Badias
Gaston Longhitano
Daniel Alonso


Maudie Valero
Executive Director
Yaima Arbona Bello


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