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LAST UPDATED: October 08, 2018
Arts, Culture & Humanities
ParaBajitos Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and production of children's events and entertainment in the city of Miami and its surroundings. By entering our page you will find out everything we do in a daily basis for the little ones at home and within the community. We have articles for children like short stories, riddles, tongue twisters, curiosities and music videos; while at the same time we have sections for parenting that include advice, interviews with contemporary literature authors with themes as current as the the different family models that kids are being raised up like divorce, economy and acceptance of different conditions such as living with autism and over protection just to mention a few. For the most part everything is in Spanish, because our purpose is that children in Florida grow up bilingual. We are really interested in children of Hispanic heritage do not lose the Spanish language and that those born here learn through art events, literature, and music, that Spanish is a fun language, and an important one that could open many doors in their future.
485 NW 71st Street
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Roman Fernandez
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Roman Fernandez
Yaneisi Martin


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