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LAST UPDATED: November 01, 2016
Arts, Culture & Humanities
EXILE Books designates space to celebrate print culture in Miami. EXILE is a Miami based publishing house producing publications and site-specific events such as exhibitions, performances, lectures, fairs, and workshops in order to advance circulation and engagement with artist’s publications. EXILE seeks to establish a pervasive print culture in Miami by creating hubs for independent publishing that represent and serve our diverse community. Launched in September 2014, EXILE Books traversed Miami as a pop-up artist’s bookstore for two years, establishing residency at over 20 locations. Conceived by visual artist, curator, and writer Amanda Season Keeley, EXILE is an experimental project activating public spaces through community engagement that will continue to evolve and adapt as it reaches new audiences. EXILE is collaborative in nature, based on forming partnerships between arts and cultural organizations while providing a generative platform for artists and small presses to promote their print projects. EXILE will transform the way we experience art.
2645 South Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL 33133

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Richard E. Schatz, Esq.
Miami Foundation Chair
Michael A. Marquez
Miami Foundaiton Immediate Past Chair
Marlon A. Hill, Esq.
Miami Foundation Vice Chair
Juan Martinez
Miami Foundation Treasurer and Secretary
Maria C. Alonso
Programs Committee Chair


Amanda Keeley
Founder and Executive Director
Sara Darling
Project Manager


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