Gay8 "Ocho" Festival

LAST UPDATED: April 30, 2018
Civic Engagement
Gay8's mission is to connect parts of South Florida that rarely connect using a Hispanic LGBT art, music and food street festival in Miami's historic, Little Havana as its vehicle - "The Gay8 Festival". Its founders Damian Pardo and Joe Cardona thought of creating one day of fun with music, dance, savory foods and art that reached out to very different parts of South Florida to celebrate together in a historic part of town facing widespread gentrification - Little Havana. Thereby, opening Little Havana to the world and the world to Little Havana. Many people have described Gay Ocho as a “pride on steroids”. It’s LGBTQ pride, female pride, white man pride, black pride, Hispanic/Latino pride…. but ultimately it’s a pride of very different people coming together in one South Florida community to share an amazing day. An “arroz con mango” (“stickey mess”) of delight, fun, music, art, food, cafecito, salsa, dancing, parties wrapped in a colorful, historic, magical area that captures the imagination of a wonderful carribean/latin american day and night on the town. It’s truly magical, and it can’t happen without you. The organization also plans to sponsor films and presentations on local "hot topics" to help educate across diverse communities. #LiveYourStoryHere
c/o Miami Foundation
40 NW 3rd St #305
Miami, FL 33128

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